9 July 2003
4th generation of Synapse plug-ins released


Updates of our three VSTi / DXi synthesizer plug-ins have been released.

The major new thing is the Hydra, which replaces the Junglist. Where the Junglist was designed specifically for use in jungle/drum'n'bass music, the Hydra is infinitely more versatile, delivering a huge array of useful and original sounds for all genres of electronic music. It is switchable between three different routing models, which combine the three oscillators in different ways - which is like having three different synthesizers in one. And more than often, a single click of the routing switch will give you a whole new sound.

Scorpion v4.0 has also been released, and has an added delay/tremolo section, which creates new stereo widening and delay effects.

And finally, Plucked String v4.0 is now available. The updated Plucked String features a new string model with an even more natural sound than previous versions - plus a new vibrato section.

The Scorpion and Plucked String updates are free for registered customers - the updates can be downloaded from the service page now.


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 9 July 2003
4th generation of Synapse plug-ins released

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