21 December 2010
Dune V1.2 released

Synapse DUNE has been updated to Version 1.2, introducing the new Michael Kastrup signature soundset with more than 100 mindblowing patches, as well as a raft of detail improvements, including:

  • Improved VCO quality for the classic sawtooth and square oscillators, giving an even more transparent, analog sound.
  • Modulation and Pitch bend wheel now respond more smoothly.
  • Engine system which guaranteets that the sound stays consistent after upgrading. Old projects using Dune use the engine the project was saved with, new projects use the latest engine.
  • Modulation Matrix has row numbers now.
  • Pitch Bend wasn't visually updated in some hosts when loading a project, fixed.
  • Mac Audio Unit version uses 20-30% less CPU than previously.

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 21 December 2010
Dune V1.2 released

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 26 November 2010
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