Effects included in Orion

CV-82 - Peak Compressor

Take control of your dynamics

The CV-82 is a powerful peak compressor/limiter effect introduced in Orion Studio 8. Apart from the standard controls found in most compressors, the CV-82 adds the "Smart Look-ahead" technology to preserve transients, enabling ultra-fast attack times without clicks. Furthermore, a dry/wet mix parameter allows for New York/Parallel compression, and the tracking signal can be treated with an EQ for frequency-selective compression. The CV-82 fully supports sidechaining, as most dynamic effects do in Orion 8.


Brickwall Limiter

High-quality mastering lookahead limiter

The brickwall limiter is one of the most important mixing and mastering tools in Orion, ensuring that your signals stay below the clipping limit of 0 dB. The "lookahead" nature of the brickwall limiter does this with a minimum amount of audible artefarcts, resulting in a much higher quality than traditional analog hardware. Its only two knobs adjust the input level and release time, making it an easy-to-use effect, suitable for the beginner and professional user alike.


RNA-160 - Compressor/Limiter

Classic hard-knee RMS compressor

The RNA-160 is a precise emulation of a vintage classic compressor. The virtual-analog, zero-latency tracking circuit uses the RMS (= Root Mean Square) approach, which means that it tracks the average signal energy. This form of compression is a rather relaxed type, which more closely relates to the perception of loudness - useful for gentle compression and mastering.


Vintage collection

Vintage stomp box emulations

Orion comes with a nice collection of high-quality and realistic vintage emulators:

Vintage Chorus - detailed recreation of chorus effects manufactured in the 70s and 80s, Vintage Equalizer (VE-3) - precise model of the tone stack of the '59 Bassman, Analog Phaser (AP-6) - six-stage-phaser making lush analog far out sounds with ease, Analog Distortion (AD-1) - realtime emulation of analog distortion pedals.


Concert Hall

High-quality reverb effect

The concert hall effect was modelled after some of the legendary outboard hardware reverberators. The controls comprise all essential sound parameters, such as reverb length, high/low frequency damp, predelay, etc. Unlike the majority of reverbs, the Concert Hall effect is true stereo. This results in great spatialization for stereo, as well as panned mono sources.


Parametric EQ

Flexible Mastering EQ

This is a parametric equalizer with seven bands. Parametric equalizers are most commonly used as mastering tools, in conjunction with compressors, to level the spectral image of the final mix. It can also be used as a channel insert, to emphasize or notch out certain frequency areas. The effect comes with special filter falloff switch between two degrees of falloff: 6 dB per octave, or 12 dB per octave. Falloff determines how much the frequencies above or below the peak frequency are affected.


Impulse response Processor

Powerful reverberation tool, based on sampled impulse responses

The impulse response processor (also called convolution reverb) is an effect which allows you to apply the sound of real spaces such as rooms, halls, cathedrals etc. on your mixes. The effect works in realtime, thus it can be used in live situations as well. The advantage of the impulse response processor is its superior quality compared to synthetic reverbs. Any impulse response in WAV format can be loaded and used as a convolution source. 16, 24 and 32-bit WAV files are supported, both mono and stereo files at any sampling rate. Orion ships with ready-to-use impulse responses.


Effect containers

Combine effects in new ways

The effect holders allow you to combine several Orion or third-party effects to build a new "super" effect. For example, the MultiFX holder chains up to four effects in parallel or in series, and allows you to smoothly crossfade between them. The BandFX Holder splits the incoming signal in three bands which adjustable corner frequencies. Each band can be processed by arbitrary effects, allowing you to build your own multiband effects, for instance a multiband distortion or a multiband limiter. The StereoFX container splits the left and right channel of the signal into separate paths, where each path can be treated with individual effects.


Other Orion effects

More great effects

Apart from all effects described above, Orion comes with 33 additional high-quality effects, divided into common effect categories. Dynamics: Platinum Limiter, Programmable Gate, Transient Shaper. Delays: 2-Tap Delay, Diffuse Delay, Filter Delay, Multi Echo, Simple Delay, Stereo Delay, Unit Delay, X-delay. Reverbs: Chamber/Room, Large Hall, Plate Reverb. Filters: Analog Static 3-Band EQ, Auto Tracking EQ-2, Auto Tracking EQ-4, Harmonic Resonator, Low Cut, Remove Noise, Sidechain Controlled Filter, Variable Filter. Misc effects: Chorus/Flanger, LoFi/Noise, Phaser, Ring Modulator, Rotary Speaker, Saturation, SSB Modulator, Stereo Pan/Width, Tremolo, Tube Distortion, Two-Band-Distortion.


Several Orion effects support audio and/or MIDI sidechains. A sidechain is an additional input channel, which can be used to control effect parameters, such as compression depth or filter cutoff frequency. It is typically used to create rhythmic modulations.


Plugin support

Orion fully supports DirectX and VST effects. Integration of plugins is seamless - for example, plug-in effects can be assigned freely as inserts, sends or master effects. Additionally, VST effect parameters can be automated in the same manner as internal effects, and support sidechains.


Supported plugins & Compatibility

 Runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7
 Supports VST® instruments & effects
 Supports DX instruments & effects
 Supports ASIO® Output
 Supports ReWire2 (as a master device)

Minimum system requirements

PCP4/1.4GHz, SSE2 support
SOUNDSoundcard with MME, DX or ASIO drivers

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