Frequently Asked Questions

Demos / Ordering

Can I try out your products before I buy?

Do you sell a boxed versions of your products?

What does "+VAT within EU" mean?

I saw your products available for sale at eBay. Are these safe to buy?

Installation and System Requirements

How can I install Synapse Audio plugins?

How can I uninstall Synapse Audio plugins?

Which operating systems do your products support?

I want to read the EULA (End User License Agreement) prior to downloading your software.

Download / User Account

I have purchased your products but haven't gotten any license key. What should I do?

I have purchased your products, how do I download the products?

I have lost my installers. How can I get them again?

I can't log into my Synapse account. What should I do now?

I would like to sell a product and transfer it to another customer.


How can I contact Synapse Audio Software?


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