22 December 2008
Orion 7.61 released


Version 7.61 of Synapse Audio's music production studio Orion introduces the dual stereo effect container, which splits the left/right half of a signal into two separate stereo effect chains, allowing to build complex stereo effects such as 4-channel convolution-based reverb (see forum post for details). Moreover, Orion detects and uses SSE3 (Streaming SIMD extensions) if a processor supports it.

Other enhancements in Orion 7.61:

  • 12 presets added for the new WASP 5
  • Dialogs have the new Vista look now
  • Songs and Presets are now stored in the documents folder
  • Launching Orion under Vista32 gave an error message for some users, fixed

Latest events

 8 May 2018
New Soundset available: Modern Analog for The Legend

 6 February 2018
DUNE 2 has been updated to version 2.6

 9 January 2018
The Legend has been updated to version 1.2

 21 July 2017
New Soundset available: World of Cinematic for DUNE 2

 15 February 2017
New Soundset available: Premium Trance for DUNE 2

News archive

 2 February 2009
Orion 64-bit released

 14 January 2009
Toxic 2.5 & Synth Pack Ultimate released

 6 January 2009
Orion 7.62 released

 30 December 2008
Orion 7.61 (Non-SSE) released, RSS feed added

 22 December 2008
Orion 7.61 released

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