29 April 2003
Orion Basic discontinued

As of today, Orion Basic has been discontinued - no further updates will be released. In the past nine months, after the release of Orion Platinum, there has been very little interest in Orion Basic - most users have already upgraded to Orion Pro, and there are simply not enough Orion Basic users to support it's continuation. The last of the Orion Basic users can now upgrade to Orion Pro for just US$29 - this offer will expire on the 1st of July this year.

Latest events

 8 May 2018
New Soundset available: Modern Analog for The Legend

 6 February 2018
DUNE 2 has been updated to version 2.6

 9 January 2018
The Legend has been updated to version 1.2

 21 July 2017
New Soundset available: World of Cinematic for DUNE 2

 15 February 2017
New Soundset available: Premium Trance for DUNE 2

News archive

 9 July 2003
4th generation of Synapse plug-ins released

 29 April 2003
Orion Platinum v4.0 released

 29 April 2003
Orion Basic discontinued

 2 April 2003
Junglist and Scorpion v3.2 released

 13 February 2003
Synapse at MM2003

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