7 October 2002
Orion Platinum v3.5 released


The long-awaited first update of Orion Platinum (version 3.5) was released today, and brings a whole lot of new features. Registered customers can download the update now for free. The Mixer and Master Section have been enhanced, and now have four submix channels, giving wild, new mixing possibilites. The Sampler now comes with an integrated program editor, with automated program construction and pitch detection - you can build complete presets in a matter of minutes. The new MultiFX Control is a tool to build cascades of effects, either in serial or parallel - use the 2D controller to pan between the effects, or use it to insert up to eight effects on a single mixer channel. Microtuning is now possible in Orion Platinum, which means that you can choose between alternative tuning scales, which will be applied to all of Orion's internal generators. In addition to the standard of the western world, equal temperament, four other tuning systems are available.

Other noteworthy improvements, in addition to the usual minor fixes and improvements, include:

  • Drag and rearrange tracks in Playlist/Mixer
  • Subdirectory scanning for VST instruments
  • Copy/Paste for Mixer Strips
  • Sustain Pedal support for all generators, except Drums and Monobass
  • MIDI In Sync

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Orion Platinum v3.5 released

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