23 November 2002
Orion Platinum v3.7 released

The major new feature is the Wavefusion generator, which is a total replacement for the old WaveDream. It is fully compatible with the WaveDream, and can play all of it's presets, but has many new oscillator and modulation features.

The Program Editor in the Sampler has been updated - the keyboard display is now larger and more comfortable, and can now be clicked to place the root key.

Microtuning features are gaining more recognition in the electronic music community, and in response to this, we've added support for SCALA files, which means you can now fully customize the microtuning tables.

You can now drag the tracks in the Playlist, to rearrange them - and the Mixer channels will rearrange accordingly.

A "move" tool is now available in the song event editor, a damping parameter was added to the Plate Reverb, and a whole lot of other minor fixes and improvements were done.

The update is free to registered users, and the demo version of course has been updated too.

Latest events

 8 May 2018
New Soundset available: Modern Analog for The Legend

 6 February 2018
DUNE 2 has been updated to version 2.6

 9 January 2018
The Legend has been updated to version 1.2

 21 July 2017
New Soundset available: World of Cinematic for DUNE 2

 15 February 2017
New Soundset available: Premium Trance for DUNE 2

News archive

 28 January 2003
Orion Platinum v3.8 released

 17 December 2002
Synth Pack now available for Mac OS

 3 December 2002
Orion Pro v3.7 released

 23 November 2002
Orion Platinum v3.7 released

 5 November 2002
Orion Platinum v3.54 released

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