28 January 2003
Orion Platinum v3.8 released


Orion Platinum v3.8 has been released, and is now available for registered users to download from our Service page. This update adds a new built-in effect: Lo-Fi/Noise - it creates a dusty worn-out vinyl atmosphere, adds clicks and noise, does bit-reduction and filtering. With this addition, Orion Platinum now comes with a total of 28 built-in effects. All controls in the Master Section can now be fully automated, and are assignable to MIDI controllers, same as the Mixer. Dry/Wet (amount) controls have been added to the standard Delay and Reverb effects. In the Program Editor (in the Sampler), non-assigned keys are now dimmed to help you see which keys on the keyboard are still unassigned, and layer-wide velocity settings are now possible.

Other new features and fixes include:

  • In the piano roll, you can now add notes to selection by holding the CTRL key
  • Pitch Bend on multiple MIDI channels now works fine for Multitimbral VSTi's
  • Large soundfonts (e.g. >30 mb) dont crash the sampler anymore and play correctly
  • DXi plugins can now receive controllers and notes on all MIDI channels
  • Copy/paste song events multiple times didn't work properly - fixed
  • Controlling the mixer via MIDI CC was troublesome, now it works properly

Also available now is the updated demo version.


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