15 November 2001
Orion Pro v2.7 released


New features in Pro 2.7:

  • Unlimited sidechains: effects can now select any generator channel directly
  • MIDI sidechains: VST Effects can now receive notes from any generator
  • Toolbar added for VST+internal effects
  • 909 rewritten: completely new kickdrum algorithm, rimshot improved
  • 909 GUI redesigned
  • WaveDream GUI redesigned
  • Sampler GUI redesigned
  • Effect GUI redesigned
  • ompressor effect completely rewritten
  • Copy/Paste whole pattern banks A1-H8 now possible between generators
  • Arpeggiator extended: rhythmic arps now possible with step sequencer
  • Delete Slice in Groove slicer did not work correctly - fixed
  • Improved Sample display in Groove slicer
  • Cubase programs/banks FXP and FXB can now be saved as well
  • 3 new randomize algorithms added
  • Randomize now creates Accents/Slides when used on the Bazzline
  • Sampler filters optimized, need less cpu
  • DX effect internal presets now accessible
  • Dry/Wet control added to stereo delay effect

Latest events

 8 May 2018
New Soundset available: Modern Analog for The Legend

 6 February 2018
DUNE 2 has been updated to version 2.6

 9 January 2018
The Legend has been updated to version 1.2

 21 July 2017
New Soundset available: World of Cinematic for DUNE 2

 15 February 2017
New Soundset available: Premium Trance for DUNE 2

News archive

 5 April 2002
Junglist v3.02 released

 14 February 2002
Junglist v3.01 released

 22 December 2001
Orion Pro v2.75 released

 3 December 2001
Junglist v3.0 released

 15 November 2001
Orion Pro v2.7 released

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