12 December 2012

Antidote RE updated to version 1.1

Antidote RE has been updated to version 1.1, a free update introducing new features
and adding more patches.

DR-1 front

New: Wavetable Synthesis

The updated version gains wavetable synthesis, with currently 8 wavetables to choose from. The wavetable position is set using the Modifier knob and can be modulated to obtain typical Wavetable sounds. The blend between adjacent waveforms is smooth, which is useful to build seamless textures.

New: Rate Crush effect

Rate Crush (sometimes also referred to as Decimation or Rate Reduction) is a new mode in the Distortion section. Rate Crush alters the sound by downsampling the signal, employing a sample-and-hold circuit. The Drive knob controls the amount of downsampling to perform. A unique feature in Antidote's implementation is the Symmetry knob, which allows to perform downsampling only on a portion of the waveform, for instance the upper or lower half-wave.

New: Key Follow modulation source

Using key follow as a modulation source yields a value proportional to the frequency of the pressed MIDI key. This adds new sound design options, for example it is possible to shorten the envelopes for higher keys (to simulate acoustic instruments like guitar), or to apply key tracking to arbitrary sound parameters.

Patch Update

The updated version gains 200 patches by sound designers Daniel Thiel (eXode), Michael Kastrup and others. With this update, Antidote now comprises a total of 500 patches.

Further enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Improved performance for the Analog Saw waveform type.
  • performance when idle (i.e. no sound is being played, but some effects are active).
  • Phaser can be switched between 2, 4 and 6 stages.
  • LFO Amount modulation did not work properly when playing polyphonic, fixed.
  • L/R Delay time did not always update on tempo changes, fixed.


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