4 May 2024

The Legend HZ has been released today

The Legend HZ has been released today.

The Legend HZ

Having scored over 150 films, won four Grammy awards, three Golden Globes, two Academy Awards, four Classical Brit Awards, and one BAFTA, film composer Hans Zimmer's career has been nothing shy of legendary. His iconic and genre-defining work is a fixed feature of many franchises and standalone films, from Dune, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Kung Fu Panda to the Lion King, Inception, and Gladiator.

By partnering with Synapse Audio, Hans Zimmer has drawn on this experience to create a versatile soft synth that was built with the needs of modern media scoring, music production, and sound design in mind.

The Legend HZ features 200 factory presets developed jointly by expert sound designer Kevin Schroeder and Hans Zimmer. The factory soundbank gives anyone access to a wide range of cinematic-style sounds, while The Legend HZ itself provides access to some of the very tools used by them.

Check out Hans Zimmer's review:
Check out the demo sounds:

In addition to the features of its predecessor, The Legend HZ also includes:

  • 6 high-quality VA oscillators.
  • 4 MSEGs (Multiple Segment Envelope Generators).
  • Polyphony up to 12 voices, and a new Unison II mode with increased stereo spread.
  • A Fixed Filter Bank modeled after Hans Zimmer's personal 914 Fixed Filter Bank.
  • A designated Arpeggiator/Sequencer capable of creating up to 32 step/bar sequences.
  • Modulation matrix with Drag+Drop support.
  • Additional effects on the back panel and more effect parameters.
  • Full MPE support.

Existing users of The Legend can upgrade to The Legend HZ for a reduced price by logging into their User Service Area account on the Synapse Audio website.

The Legend HZ is patch-compatible with The Legend. Patches and soundbanks created on The Legend can therefore be loaded into The Legend HZ (e.g. our Modern Analog soundset).

Projects containing The Legend will still open the old Legend, so both can work in parallel.

Learn more about The Legend HZ

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