23 February 2021
The Legend and DUNE 3 updated


The Legend has been updated to v1.4, adding a VST 3 version, as well as a native M1 Audio Unit for Apple Silicon M1 Macs.

DUNE 3 has been updated to v3.41, a maintenance update for v3.4 with the following bugfixes:

  • VST 3: Exporting parameter automation using offline rendering did not work, fixed.
  • VST 3: Using arrows keys to change patches did not work in most hosts, fixed.
  • PC Installer: When installing on a new machine, not all registry entries for NKS support were properly set up, fixed.
  • Loading too many/too large samples into a patch could trigger an error message when trying to load the patch again later, fixed.

The updates can be downloaded from the User area page for registered users.

VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.  


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News archive

 23 February 2021
The Legend and DUNE 3 updated

 29 January 2021
DUNE 3 has been updated to version 3.4

 29 January 2021
New soundset available: Metropolis

 20 June 2020
Obsession has been released today

 27 March 2020
The Legend has been updated to version 1.31

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