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Fat Space Reverb

fatspace - frontside
fatspace - backside

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Fat Space is a high-quality Room Simulator, using a novel technology we call Liquid Convolution. Liquid Convolution has neither the shortcomings found in algorithmic reverbs, nor the problems associated with convolution reverbs. Using Liquid Convolution, Fat Space can generate a very high reverb density right on the onset of the reverb, providing more realism than conventional algorithmic reverbs. At the same time, the Liquid Convolution technology is capable of modulating the reverb tail similar to what algorithmic reverbs can do, enhancing the sound quality and avoiding a dull reverb sound.

By having the ability to adjust the reverb envelopes freely, Fat Space allows you to do anything from a natural quick reverb decay to a "brickwall" type of reverb with almost no decay. Furthermore, the envelope can be easily adjusted using the interactive display.

Fat Space offers two reverb programs, a forward and a reverse reverb. Forward reverb is the default mode, which is closest to the reverb of a real room, and the Reverse mode is a special purpose program useful for creative effects.

Via CV inputs on the back panel you may control the Stereo Width, Lo Cut, Hi Cut and the Dry/Wet mix. Additionally the back panel contains the Modulation knob, which allows you to control the internal reverb modulation.


About Synapse Audio

Synapse Audio has created software for professional music producers since 2000. Our focus is top-notch sound quality, as well as usability. Being musicians ourselves, we like to use tools that help us get our ideas realized quickly, without being slowed down by convoluted workflows.

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Our Rack Extensions

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