Welcome to Orion Studio 8.5

Next Generation Music Production Suite
Next Generation Music Production Suite
Advanced mixing and mastering
High-quality instruments and effects
Powerful pattern-based sequencer
Multitrack audio recording
Multi processor engine & double-precision mixing
32-bit and 64-bit versions

Orion combines ease of use with great versatility

Song Arrangement and Pianoroll

Sequencing in Orion is pattern-based, but is not bound by the limitations of classic pattern-based arrangement

Using the Song Arrangement view, you can easily arrange your patterns from individual generators into a complete piece of music. The pattern-based arrangement system allows to re-use of patterns with a single click, greatly speeding up the workflow compared to traditional linear sequencers. Recording linear passages is possible too, though - patterns simply extend their length in realtime as necessary. Patterns can be edited directly in Orion's Piano Roll, one of the most powerful and flexible around.


Mixing Desk and Master Section

Take your productions to the next level, with Orion's easy-to-use and high-quality mixing and mastering desk

The mixing console in Orion has all the common elements that you would expect to see on a real mixer: Gain, Pan, Mute and Solo controls, stereo VU-meters, an EQ section, insert, sends and busses. You can insert any of Orions effects, or use third-party VST or DirectX effects. All of the mixer controls can be easily automated, both in a linear, or pattern-based fashion. The Master section hosts the send returns and up to eight busses, and contains EQ and effect insert sections, too. Both the mixer and master sections can be controlled via external MIDI hardware.


High-Quality Instruments and Effects

Essential tools in any professional studio setup

Orion comes with many high-quality generators and effects, reducing the need for expensive third-party gear. The generators comprise of the most common forms of synthesis, such as Subtractive, VA, Sampling, Wavetable and Physical Modelling. The effects included cover all areas needed in most music productions, such as dynamic effects, delays, reverbs, chorus/flanger, phaser, distortion and so on.


Automation: Pattern and Song Events

Quick and easy automation system

Almost any parameter can be recorded in realtime in Orion, either using the mouse while a pattern or song is playing, or via dedicated MIDI hardware controllers. Both pattern-based and linear song-based automation are supported, and both work in the same way. Once movements are recorded, they can be further edited in the automation editor and piano roll.

Templates & Song Merge

The new, innovative Template system allows you to fully customize the plugins you work with. For instance, you may create MIDI maps, route instruments to specific busses, apply insert effects, define keyboard splits or even throw in automation. Supppose you created a great bass line in an older project, Song Merge allows you to incorporate that track into a new project easily, preserving its patterns, arrangement, Mixer/EQ settings, applied effects and so on.



Orion comes with an advanced Arpeggiator integrated into its sequencing system, which can be used for sequencing as well as for realtime performance, like the arpeggiators you would find on performance keyboards. The Arpeggiator creates melody lines from single notes and chords, using either pre-programmed or user-defined patterns. Additionally, Orion includes an easy-to-use shuffle tool, which can be used to add a "swing" feel to any pattern.


Groove Templates

The sequencer comes with a special note editing feature, called Groove Templates. By applying a Groove Template to a pattern, you modify the timing, lengths and velocities of notes slightly, adding "feel" to rhythms and grooves.


Pluck Templates

The tool is similar to a hand moving over the strings of a guitar. Instead of playing all the notes of a chord simultaneously, very short delays are introduced between the triggering of each note in the chord.


Supported plugins & Compatibility

 Runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7
 Supports VST® instruments & effects
 Supports DX instruments & effects
 Supports ASIO® Output
 Supports ReWire2 (as a master device)

Minimum system requirements

PCP4/1.4GHz, SSE2 support
SOUNDSoundcard with MME, DX or ASIO drivers

Powerful Instruments

Orion - Powerful Instruments

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High-Quality Effects

Orion - High-Quality Effects

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