20 March 2013
Antidote RE updated to version 1.2


Antidote RE has been updated to version 1.2, a free update introducing new features
and adding more patches.

Antidote RE front

Sallen-Key filter added

The filter section in version 1.2 gains a Sallen-Key model, a virtual-analog 12 dB low pass filter inspired by vintage synthesizers such as the MS series. This filter type has strong saturation in its feedback path, giving it a distinct character when turning up the resonance. The model employs a zero-delay feedback design like the other filters in Antidote, which preserves the circuit topology and results in proper resonant tuning. Furthermore the filter can reach self-oscillation.

More Wavetables

Two new wavetables have been added, consisting of short waveform cycles imitating the sound of classic wavetable synthesizers.

CV Outputs added

Antidote gains CV outputs for both LFOs and all three envelopes, on the back panel. Now you can connect the filter envelope to our AF-4 module, for instance.

Reverse Delay added

The delay section of Antidote gains a high-quality reverse delay effect. Reverse Delay is an effect which plays echoes backwards, as opposed to forward, resulting in trippy type of sounds.


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Antidote RE updated to version 1.2

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