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Synapse Audio offers a choice of high quality rack extension plugins, tailored to Reason.

VE-3 Vintage Equalizer

ve3 - frontside

ve3 - backside

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The Synapse Vintage EQ-3 is a precise model of a 3-band analog tone stack, as found in late 50s guitar amplifiers. The unique sound of these devices is due to the coupled, passive circuits employed, where changing any parameter affects the entire network in a complex way. This is different from a digital parametric EQ, which operates on just one isolated region of interest. While this comes at the advantage of precise boost and cut amounts (useful in correcting a mix), the overall sound is often too predictable and boring. For creative sound shaping, the Vintage EQ-3 is often a better choice.

In addition to the low, mid and high band parameters found in the vintage tone stack, the Vintage EQ-3 adds an Offset parameter, allowing to shift the entire frequency-response an octave up or down.

About Synapse Audio

Synapse Audio has created software for professional music producers since 2000. Our focus is top-notch sound quality, as well as usability. Being musicians ourselves, we like to use tools that help us get our ideas realized quickly, without being slowed down by convoluted workflows.

Our products

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