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Oliver Froning (Dune)

'' I tried the Dune demo and was blown away by this synth. This is exactly the right synth for the kind of music I make. ''

Oliver Froning (Dune) Oliver created the project "Dune" together with the producers Jens Oettrich and Bernd Burhoff. Some of the biggest successes include the singles "Hardcore Vibes", "Million Miles away from Home", "Can't Stop Raving", "Hand in Hand", "Rainbow to the Stars", and "Are You Ready to Fly".

Most of the band's work falls into the genre of Rave/Happy Hardcore, though titles such as the Queen cover, "Who Wants to Live Forever", show that the band is capable of creating completely different types of music in highest quality. Oliver is still active as a producer, performer and DJ, both for the band Dune, and under his artist name "djraw". Check out his MP3 clips, made entirely with our synthesizer DUNE!

Website: www.djraw.de


'' Piet discovered one of the first Orion versions years ago. The reason why we still use Orion today is the easy-to-use handling provided by a compact program. Having a certain melody or sound in your mind you intend to realise it as fast as possible, because you don’t want to lose the idea. We really love the simple but effective way to draw and edit notes in Orion. Furthermore you need only two clicks to add a new instrument or effect. In our opinion Orion is a perfect tool for beginners and professionals alike. ''

Protonica After releasing their highly acclaimed debut album „Search“ on AP Records (produced with Orion Studio), the Berlin based Psy-Trance duo Protonica became some of the biggest players in this genre. Several releases and Live-Acts all over the world followed. Latest gigs include the Virada Cultural 2011, a huge music festival in Brazil with more than 3 million visitors.

Website: www.protonica.de

Dynamix II

'' We started using Orion when a friend brought it to our attention that there was a new VST host application, that had a new way of making everything user-friendly - a user-friendly sequencer is crucial to getting your ideas down quickly and painlessly. ''

Dynamix II Dynamix II consists of David Noller and Scott Weiser of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Since they formed the band in 1986, they have played an important role in keeping the scene alive, through their continous innovation of the electro breaks genre. Dynamix II have a long record of releases on major labels, including Moonshine, Rephlex, Hallucination - and their own label, Dynamix II records. Their first 12" single, "Just Give the DJ a Break", was released the year the band was formed, and already sold more than 500,000 copies.

Giana Brotherz

'' We started making music at the age of 15. We played in a punk rock band - I (Frank) played the drums, and Sascha played the bass guitar. Later, we bought a sampler and some keyboards, and started working in a crossover of genres. Today, our production is entirely software-based, and Orion is essential. ''

Giana Brotherz A pair of remarkable drum'n'bass producers out of Koblenz, Germany, Frank and Sascha. Not only have they had their music published by Basswerk, they also tour the country with some amazing liveacts, and they usually bring a couple of scratch DJs with them on stage.

Website: www.giana-brotherz.com


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