11 October 2019
DUNE 3 has been updated to version 3.2


We have updated DUNE 3 to version 3.2. This update contains an entire rewrite of the UI framework, which is now more responsive and fully supports high-resolution Retina screens on the Mac. Another addition is the new white skin, which comes in various sizes and can be used as an alternative to the default dark skin.

Further changes include:

- New reverb effect, "Concert Hall".
- New distortion effect, "Screamer", a stomp box emulation.
- Right-click on a knob allows to set up modulations instantly.
- Lower memory usage when multiple instances are open.
- NKS content from DUNE 2 now included.
- Bugfixes.

The upgrade is free for registered DUNE 3 customers, and can be downloaded
from the Support page. DUNE 2 customers may still upgrade from the Shop page.


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