29 November 2003
Orion Platinum 5.0 released


Orion Platinum 5 introduced a lot of major improvements. The highlights are outlined below.

Audio Recording and Editing

Orion Platinum 5 features multitrack audio recording under ASIO. It is fully realtime, thus effects such as compression or EQ can be applied directly. A monitor function allows you to preview the sound in realtime. Recording depth is up to 32 Bits, so Orion is ready for highend recording equipment. Audio files can now be freely sliced, trimmed and moved. Copies of audio data are by default treated as instances, but can be made unique with just one click to be treated as independent clones. Most audio operations are non-destructive and can be fully undone.

New Drum module

The drum module has been completely redesigned in V5. On the front panel, up to 64 steps can be edited. The new monotimbral mode allows both for easier playing via MIDI keyboard or simultaneous editing of all tracks in the piano roll. Each track can be expanded, showing the loaded waveform and more parameters to tweak - additionally the velocities can then be edited directly below the steps. LM4 Kits, including multisampled velocity layers, are supported as well.

ReWire 2 Master + Slave

Orion Platinum can now act both as ReWire master and slave. In both modes, it is capable of sending and receiving notes. Sending notes is done just like to a MIDI device, using the MIDI Out generator included in Orion Platinum.

New Effects added

6 new effects have been added - one of them is the band split effect, a very powerful effect container.

Other new features

  • Up to 16 stereo outputs for the Sampler available
  • Live Recording of pattern changes
  • Metronome and Count-In functions added
  • MIDI keyboard splits for all generators
  • New chords and scales added to the Arpeggiator
  • Autosave function added
  • Realtime MIDI quantization (optional)
  • No clicks when automating channel volume/pan
  • Intelligent Control Randomize excludes Vol+Pitch
  • Ring Modulator effect extended
  • Sampler has an optional shared filter (saves CPU)
  • Find (Multi-)Samples similar to a loaded one
  • New VU meters with adjustable refresh and decay
  • Force to Chord/Scale composition tool
  • Effect presets added

Bonus Add-Ons

The VC1 Vocoder is included in Orion Platinum 5 as an extra bonus. The VC-1 is an emulation of a vintage analog 12-channel vocoder. Thus it works fully realtime (free of latency), and has a very high sound quality. Controls are reduced to the necessary minimum, to give you best results as quickly as possible. The Vocoder is implemented as a DirectX effect and is only included in the full version of Orion Platinum 5.

Platinum 4+5 sampling CD for ULTRAN

A new sampling CD specifically for the Ultran generator is now available as well. It contains about 400 mb of sample data and 250 presets. Some demo songs in Orion .sfs format are included too. Note that the Ultran in Platinum 5 optionally supports internal effects (Chorus/Delay/Reverb). Those are used by some presets on this CD as well, so those wont be audible in older versions of Orion Platinum.


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 29 November 2003
Orion Platinum 5.0 released

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