26 September 2011
Orion 8.5 is out


Synapse Audio released Orion 8.5 today. This major update adds several new high-quality effects, introduces new features to the Pro-9 and Toxic tone generators, improves the workflow as well as look+feel, and comes with a nice, new default skin designed by Nick Moritz. Furthermore, the update comes with a comprehensive, user-made graphical editor for Orion skins, named Skinmeister.

The update is free for all registered Orion 8 users, and can be downloaded from the User Service area. The demo version has been updated, too.

Orion 8.5 preview

New features:

  • New default skin by Nick Moritz
  • New effect: RNA-160 Compressor/Limiter, a faithful emulation of an outboard legend
  • New effect: Concert Hall, a new algorithmic reverb with a high-quality sound
  • New effect: Analog Phaser, an analog-modelled six-stage phaser
  • New effect: Vintage EQ, tone stack emulation of the legendary '59 Bassman Amp
  • Compressor CV-82, an improved version of the Compressor 8 with additional features
  • Sidechain support for VST effects
  • Pro-9 extended with the Noise Spread knob, which increases the spaciousness of the Snare and Clap sound in the stereo field
  • ASIO Outputs can be freely assigned to individual subgroups in the Master section
  • Toxic 2 synthesizer engine completely overhauled, its performance is now up to 50% higher than previously. New "Pan Spread" knob for spreading Unison voices in the stereo field

Workflow Enhancements:

  • Full Screen Mode (F11)
  • Skinning system overhauled, skins are easier to develop and maintain now, most knobs support alpha-blending and an arbitrary number of frames
  • Popup Hints for generator knobs (can be turned off)
  • Current Parameter value visible in event editors (red line by default, user-definable)
  • All workspace Windows can snap to a user-definable grid
  • "Clone" function which clones all patterns and the arrangement of a generator to a new track. The source mixer strip with all its associated insert FX and EQ settings can be optionally cloned as well

Bug Fixes:

  • Toolbars no longer 'blink' when clicking on them
  • Some VST plugins did not redraw properly, fixed
  • Assigning Transport buttons to MIDI CC did not always work properly, fixed
  • Song Merge did not always work properly, fixed
  • MP3 Export did not work in 64-bit version of Orion, fixed
  • Incorrect meter drawing while mixer was moving, fixed
  • Audio glitches while window was moving or scrolling, fixed
  • Playlist cursor drawing bugs while window was moving, fixed
  • Song Length was not correctly updated when adding huge patterns, fixed
  • Mousewheel did not work properly in all cases, fixed
  • Modules were loosing focus and focus was set for playlist (TAB shortcut issue), fixed
  • Deprecated effect "Simple reverb" was not recovered properly from older projects, fixed
  • "Audio Input" text was not drawn properly on expanded playlist, fixed
  • Hitting [Alt]+[-] to invoke MDI window caused hang, fixed
  • Styles imported from V7 with automation in them did not show the automation, fixed
  • Pattern list Drop-down in Playlist did not always work, fixed
  • VST effect "PSP-85" crashed after inserting it, fixed
  • "Receive MIDI from..." did not work for VST effects, fixed
  • IL plugins had drawing issues, fixed
  • Recorded MIDI CC Automation was sometimes not shown for VST plugins, fixed
  • Event Editor: Events drawn with the line tool while left button was held down were erased by playlist cursor, fixed
  • Imported v7 projects with many generators did not show all mixer strips, fixed
  • Scrolling in Piano Roll and Playlist was sluggish sometimes, fixed
  • Generator window was not resizable if pianoroll was opened while window was rolled, fixed
  • After un-maximizing a window, the border was not redrawn correctly, fixed
  • Toxic 2 "Init Program" function created a silent patch, fixed
  • Calling up minimized Windows from the Window menu did not work, fixed
  • On some systems the Mixer had redraw issues, fixed

Skinmeister 1.2 Features:

  • Load and Save Orion skins
  • Adjust toolbars, window frames and knob positions of the mixer, instruments and effects
  • Change colors in Piano Roll, Playlist and Event Editor
  • Quick tools to adjust brightness, sharpness or saturation of images

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