29 April 2003
Orion Platinum v4.0 released


Orion Platinum v4.0 has been released.

The Wasp has received a nifty makeover, with a completely new skin and some new features: LFO delays, variable velocity amounts and keyboard tracking, and more. Harmonic Resonator is the newest effect, which lets you control the cutoff frequency of a highly resonant filter with notes, causing harmonic ringing... a very special and rather unique effect.

Other new features include:

  • Parameter readouts on all controls
  • MIDI export of entire song files is now possible
  • New skin for the Parametric EQ
  • Notes optionally displayed inside patterns in the playlist

Some of the latest, most important fixes include:

  • Support for Edirol (UA-20) ASIO soundcard drivers
  • Loading/saving VST effect presets with chunks now works
  • Plate Reverb and UltraVerb go easier on the CPU when idle
  • All shortcut/focus problems in the piano roll resolved

The update is freely available to registered customers on the service page
- for curious newcomers, the demo version is available now.


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 29 April 2003
Orion Platinum v4.0 released

 29 April 2003
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